What’s ShemFest?

ShemFest 2017

ShemFest is a retro-gaming event, now in its second year. It is held in Birmingham, UK, during the last weekend of August. We aim to cater for the older gamer; people who have grown up with video games, pinball, card games – and maybe enjoy a drink or two in a sociable environment with other like-minded adults.

As the event is held in a licensed environment, we sadly cannot accommodate children under 18. Children over 18, however, are just fine.

What’s On?

We are in the process of sourcing a variety of systems to play with for ShemFest 2017. The line-up listed below is currently planned, but subject to change.


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We are proud to announce that the finest pinball game of 1988, F-14 Tomcat, will be making an appearance.

It’s fast. It’s furious. AND IT FIGHTS BACK!

F-14 Tomcat

F-14 Tomcat


On the day, we have goodies from a variety of sources to give away. We will be hosting a competition to win the ShemWorld Golden Joystick, where we compete to discover the best retro gamer of the show.  We have hundreds of pounds worth of prizes to give away.